Marin IJ“MacLeamy, an architect who is seeking her third term, deserves a lot of the credit for the city finally accomplishing a long-held vision, building a new city hall complex in Old Town. Her skillful and effective guidance is important at City Hall.”

Marin Independent Journal
Endorsement September 28, 2015



Capture “The Novato Chamber of Commerce endorses incumbent Jeanne MacLeamy for City Council.  Her experience in leading our community and her thorough grasp of  the issues makes her an ideal candidate to address the challenges facing Novato in the years ahead” 




NBLC“Jeanne MacLeamy is the common sense leader that Novato needs.  She has proven her ability to find solutions and provide astute fiscal management of the public coffers.  NBLC is proud to endorse Jeanne and applauds her commitment to serving the people of Novato with respect and compassion.”




Marin Assoc of RealtorsThe Marin Association of Realtors interviewed candidates for the Novato City Council  in late September.

Following the interviews the Marin Association of Realtors  endorsed Jeanne MacLeamy for another term on the Novato City Council.



Marin Builders Assn Logo“We’re extremely confident that you will serve our community and industry well. We are pleased to extend our help so that you will be elected to office in November.”

Marin Builders’ Association


Denise Athas“It has been my honor to serve with Mayor Jeanne MacLeamy these past 6 years. Jeanne has shown strong leadership on such issues as the Civic Center, Affordable Housing and the city’s finances. She truly delves into each issue to fully understand. She takes time to listen and even on contentious issues she is great on trying to work out a good solution.

We need Jeanne on this council. Her level head, strong leadership, honesty and integrity are all the characteristics that we all need. It is my pleasure to endorse Jeanne MacLeamy for another term. Please join me in voting for her!”

Denise Athas, Novato City Council Member, Former Novato Mayor


Madeline Kellner“Jeanne is an independent thinker. She listens, does her homework and weighs it all out before making a decision about what’s best for all of Novato.

She is gracious, respectful of others, and is a pleasure to work with. A vote for Jeanne will keep Novato moving forward in a positive direction.”

Madeline Kellner, Novato City Council Member, Former Novato Mayor



Bernie Meyers“Jeanne MacLeamy has served the City of Novato for many years, always with the interests of the City and its citizens at heart.

It is my pleasure to once again endorse her for another term on our Council.”

Bernie Meyers, Former Novato Mayor



maria aguila“I have known Mayor Jeanne MacLeamy and her family for many years. It is because of Jeanne and her strong skills and talents that I join with many in being proud of Novato. Jeanne possesses integrity, kindness, honesty, and at the same time, is approachable to all — leadership skills necessary to continue to move Novato forward. I have faith that she will continue to do what is best for Novato and its residents. I look forward to continue working in collaboration with her. It is with honor, that I endorse Jeanne MacLeamy”   

Maria Aguila, Novato School Board Trustee

Diet Stroeh“Mayor MacLeamy has my full support in her re-election bid. She is a problem solver and consensus builder. Her love and dedication to Novato is outstanding! As an architect, she brings technical expertise to the Council that is invaluable. Please re-elect Jeanne MacLeamy.”

Dietrich Stroeh C S W|S T 2; Novato Citizen of the Year; Chair Paint the Town Red; Board Member Downtown Novato Theater


Kathy Schlegel“I have had the honor of knowing Jeanne MacLeamy for 30 years and can’t think of a person with more integrity, intelligence and professionalism. She truly puts the residents of Novato above herself.  I have worked with her on local issues and found that she is a great leader and facilitator for varying interests.  We couldn’t reelect a more competent individual than Jeanne.”

Kathy Schlegel, Novato Realtor; Community Volunteer

Debbie Butler“Jeanne understands the importance of collaboration among community partners in order to make a difference.  Novato Unified School District and the City of Novato partnered to create the Hamilton Gym at Hamilton School.  Both organizations continue to work together to find solutions that will effectively serve and protect our youth.”

Debbie Butler, Novato School Board Trustee



10 02 Elayne brink installer 2nd Brick Installation“Jeanne MacLeamy is a successful Architect, wife, mother of 2, grandmother of 3 and a seasoned Council Member and Mayor serving and representing the City of Novato for the past 12 years. The American Institute of Architects elected Jeanne to the AIA College of Fellows 2015 for her contributions as an architect involved in her community.

Jeanne is a true friend of Novato and its citizens. She not only listens but also hears what people say wherever they happen to approach her to ask a question or voice a concern. No matter where or when she will always take the time to listen. She is very thorough and thoughtful in processing information, looking at all alternatives and evaluating all the facts before making decisions.  Jeanne’s long range vision of the effects that decision making today will have on the future of Novato and its citizens is a critical and valuable asset in her brief case. Her word is good. When she says ‘I will look into that and get back to you’ she means just that and will do it. She answers every query be it email, telephone or personal encounter.

Jeanne loves Novato and since 2003 has devoted numerous hours of time and energy on our behalf. She is a team player with a very open, tolerant mind. We need her dedication for the future preservation of Novato. She is firmly rooted here and will not be leaving for greener pastures.”

Elayne Miller, Chair Buy a Brick Committee; former President Novato Historical Guild, Community Volunteer

Bill Long“Novato is fortunate to have such a dedicated and far-sighted Councilmember as Jeanne MacLeamy.  I am impressed by her thoughtful and creative approach to the challenges and opportunities facing our community. 

Jeanne has shown exceptional ability to understand and deal with Novato’s recent fiscal constraints while maintaining critical services and staff morale.  We all benefit from Jeanne’s service and experience on the City Council and I am glad she is running for another term.” 

Bill Long, Board Chair Marin Open Space Trust (MOST); Chair Bay Area Ridge Trail Council


Kathy Nickel“I am happy to endorse Jeanne MacLeamy for Novato City Council.  I’ve known Jeanne for several years and have worked alongside her on many civic projects.  I’m impressed by her honest, pragmatic and positive approach to the needs at hand and her ability to rally those around her to promote real action.  She respectfully listens to all points of view and through her generous spirit and unflappable tact provides understanding and support for her constituents and colleagues.  She loves Novato and uses her considerable energy to help us keep our small town vibrant.”

Kathy Nickel, Chair Novato 4th of July Committee


heinz lighter“I have sat on the Novato 4th of July Parade Committee with Jeanne MacLeamy for past 2 years and find her to be a team player who listens to the needs for the group and thoughtfully finds ways to support and encourage each one of us.  She’s smart, hard-working and trustworthy.  I encourage you to vote for Jeanne MacLeamy for City Council.” 

Heinz Nickel, Insurance Broker; Novato 4th of July Committee


Susan Wernick“Jeanne is a level headed and dedicated civic leader who has consistently put the interests of Novato residents first.  It’s my honor to support her as I always have.”

Susan Wernick, Novato Planning Commission



Dave Marty“I have known Mayor Jeanne MacLeamy and her family for many years.  When it comes to civic issues she is calm and sensitive, caring, honest, sincere, and has the best interests of Novato’s citizens at heart.  She is willing to listen to and discuss any concerns brought to her by her constituents.

Her many years in office have helped to make her the kind of person Novato needs on their city council.   She is dedicated to making Novato a better place.   I support Jeanne MacLeamy for City Council.”

Dave Marty, Professional Entertainer and Musician; 2010 Inductee, National Four-String Banjo Hall of Fame


“We are so delighted that Jeanne is running for re-election! So many of the wonderful things about Novato are a result of Jeanne’s hard work and dedication to serving our community. Jeanne possesses that rare combination of know-how and a passion to use that knowledge for the greater good. Novato benefits greatly having Jeanne as a leader.”

Harvey and Linda Abernathey