Balloon Arch“As I began my service on the City Council and began to understand the issues facing Novato I discovered three overarching principles that helped focus my efforts and get things accomplished.

These three principles – Fiscal, Facilities and Land Use – are described in more detail below along with what has been accomplished and what more must be done.”



Piggy bank borderFiscal

Novato’s budget should be like a good family budget – income should not all be spent on day to day expenses.

Instead some should be put aside for long term maintenance such as for a new washing machine or roof repair. Some should also be put aside for dreams such as a college education or retirement.  read more


City HallFacilities

Novato facilities – parks, streets and buildings – should be functional and well maintained.

They should conveniently serve the public for civic engagement, commerce and community gatherings — and be operationally efficient.  read more


Bay trail squareLand Use

Novato is fortunate to have natural boundaries of ridgelines and bay front that define our edges.

Novato also has a viable heart  consisting of downtown and the Civic Center.

Our strategy for land use should be to preserve the natural edges and enhance the heart of Novato, while zoning all remaining land to insure development appropriate to the unique character of Novato.   read more