City HallNovato facilities — parks, streets and buildings — should be functional and well maintained.

They should conveniently serve the public for civic engagement, commerce and community gatherings — and be operationally efficient.



Facilities History

  • Novato buildings — including two house trailers housing employees — were all code-deficient and had to be shuttered or demolished.
  • Employees were housed in leased space for 5 years
  • Hamilton surplus buildings were in limbo without proper approvals to repurpose need from the Federal Government
  • City parks, islands and medians suffered from lack of adequate maintenance


Facilities accomplishments 

  • Brought city government back downtown by restoring the iconic Historic City Hall, creating a Civic Green and building City Offices — providing spaces for civic engagement, commerce and community gatherings.
  • Removed Federal Government restrictions from several vacant city properties at Hamilton, including the old hospital site.
  • Partnered with Novato Unified School District  to construct a much-needed and well-used Gymnasium.
  • Collaborated with the downtown Novato Theater to encourage this to be a vital downtown entertainment destination
  • Fostered Adopt an Island  program to have private parties pay for maintenance.


Facilities Vision

  • Complete the Downtown Civic Center including the Community House, the Simmons and Hanen Houses and restoration of Sherman Avenue to host special events in combination with an enlarged Civic Green.
  • Carefully guide the repurposing of surplus Hamilton properties for the benefit of all Novato.
  • Participate in the grand opening of the Downtown Novato Theater
  • Create solution to the parking issues in downtown.
  • Fund well-maintained parks and landscaped areas.